Our mission is to improve safety through harm reduction. The vast majority of drug users in our society are non-addicted, recreational users. Yet, this population remains under-served when it comes to harm reduction. We neither promote, nor endorse drug use of any kind, but we understand there are many that choose to use drugs recreationally. We provide educational material and adulterant screening kits so that people can better inform and protect themselves.

Our team is based in USA & Canada, and currently ship our products within North America, as well as to dozens of other countries. If you’re interested in distributing our products, please contact us or see our wholesale and drop shipping information page. We also have an affiliate program. Sign up as an affiliate to receive a commission on each sale you send our way.

Return Policy

If you’ve purchased a product from us and would like to return your order, simply do so within 30 days for a refund. No questions asked. The container jar must remain sealed and unopened, with none of its contents used. We do not refund the shipping cost as the courier has already used the fuel and paid their employees, and you are responsible for the cost of return shipping. To organize a refund, simply send us a message.

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