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DMT powder is a chemical substance, which is found from certain plants and animals. These plants are found in South America, Mexico, and some parts of Asia and these plants are referred to as Psychotria Viridis and Banisteriopsis caapi.

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Dmt Powder

Bufotenin is a chemical constituent in the poison and eggs of several species of toads belonging to the genus Bufo, but most notably in the Colorado River toad (formerly Bufo alvarius, now Incilius alvarius) which is the only toad species in which bufotenin is present in large enough quantities for a psychoactive effect. Extracts of toad venom, containing bufotenin and other bioactive compounds, have been used in some traditional medicines such as ch’an su (probably derived from Bufo gargarizans), which has been used medicinally for centuries in China.

The toad was “recurrently depicted in Mesoamerican art”, which some authors have interpreted as indicating that the effects of ingesting Bufo secretions have been known in Mesoamerica for many years; however, others doubt that this art provides sufficient “ethnohistorical evidence” to support the claim.

In addition to bufotenin, Bufo venoms also contain digoxin-like cardiac glycosides, and ingestion of the venom can be fatal. Ingestion of Bufo toad venom and eggs by humans has resulted in several reported cases of poisoning, some of which resulted in death.

Contemporary reports indicate that bufotenin-containing toad venom has been used as a street drug; that is, as a supposed aphrodisiac (it is not an aphrodisiac but definitely is a lethal poison), ingested orally in the form of ch’an su, and as a psychedelic, by smoking or orally ingesting Bufo toad venom or dried Bufo skins. The use of chan’su and love stone (a related toad venom preparation used as an aphrodisiac in the West Indies) has resulted in several cases of poisoning and at least one death. The practice of orally ingesting toad venom has been referred to in popular culture and in the scientific literature as toad licking and has drawn media attention. Albert Most, founder of the Church of the Toad of Light and a proponent of spiritual use of Bufo alvarius venom, published a booklet titled Bufo alvarius: The Psychedelic Toad of the Sonoran Desert in 1983 which explained how to extract and smoke the secretions.

Bufotenin is also present in the skin secretion of three arboreal hylid frogs of the genus Osteocephalus (Osteocephalus taurinus, Osteocephalus oophagus, and Osteocephalus langsdorfii) from the Amazon and Atlantic rain forests.

DMT powder storage tips

Here are some tips for storing DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) properly:

● Keep it in an Airtight Container: DMT is sensitive to air and moisture, so it should be stored in an airtight container to prevent oxidation and degradation. Choose a container that is opaque and airtight, such as a glass jar or a Mylar bag with a zip seal.

● Store in a Cool and Dark Place: DMT is also sensitive to heat and light, which can degrade its potency. Store it in a cool, dark place like a cupboard or a drawer away from direct sunlight or any heat sources.

● Use Desiccants: To further protect against moisture, consider adding desiccant packets or silica gel to the storage container. These help absorb any moisture that may be present and keep the DMT dry.

● Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Fluctuations in temperature can also degrade DMT. It is best to avoid extreme temperature conditions, such as freezing or high heat. Room temperature is ideal for storage.

DMT powder dosage guide

DMT dosage can vary depending on individual sensitivity, experience, and the desired effects. It is important to approach DMT with caution and start with lower doses to gauge your personal response. Here is a general dosage guide for DMT:

● Threshold dose: Typically around 5-10 mg. At this dosage, effects may be mild with minimal visuals and a slight shift in perception.

● Light dose: Ranging from 10-20 mg. This can produce more noticeable effects, including visual distortions, color enhancement, and a sense of heightened awareness. The experience may still be relatively mild and manageable.

● Common dose: Between 20-40 mg. This range often leads to more intense visuals, a profound altered state of consciousness, and a sense of entering another realm. It is important to be prepared for the potential intensity of this experience.

● Strong dose: Around 40-60 mg. At this dosage, the effects can be highly immersive, intense, and potentially overwhelming. The sense of ego dissolution and entering a different reality may be profound. It is advisable to have an experienced and trustworthy sitter present.

It is important to note that DMT is a powerful psychedelic substance, and higher doses can lead to a complete loss of connection with ordinary reality, potentially inducing a “breakthrough” experience. The intensity and duration of the effects can vary from person to person.

Always approach DMT with respect and caution. It is recommended to start with lower doses, gradually increasing over time if desired. Work with a trusted source and consider the guidance of experienced individuals to ensure a safe and supportive environment.

 DMT powder effects and benefits

The main side effect of DMT powder is a powerful hallucination that can cause your brain
disability if you consume in a large amount. However, it is rated as the best drug because of
fewer side effects.
● Increased in heart rate
● Increased in blood pressure
● Rapid movement in eyelashes
● Audible trouble, such as hearing different voices
● The Layout of several colours at the same time

Here are some benefits:

● Profound altered states of consciousness: DMT is well-known for inducing intense psychedelic experiences, often described as mystical or otherworldly. Many individuals report profound spiritual or introspective experiences, with a sense of expanded awareness and connectedness.

● Therapeutic potential: Some individuals claim that DMT can have therapeutic benefits, such as helping to alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, and PTSD. However, it is essential to approach these claims with caution, as clinical research in this area is limited.

● Enhanced creativity and problem-solving: DMT has been reported to enhance creativity and promote unique thought patterns. Some individuals claim that the insights gained during a DMT experience can lead to new perspectives and solutions to personal or creative challenges.

● Increased self-awareness and personal growth: DMT experiences are often described as deeply introspective, allowing individuals to explore their subconscious mind and gain insights into their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Some users report increased self-awareness, personal growth, and a sense of spiritual development.

● Potential for spiritual exploration: DMT is often used in spiritual and shamanic practices due to its reputation for inducing powerful spiritual experiences. Some individuals use DMT as a tool for exploring their own spirituality, connecting with higher states of consciousness, or seeking a deeper understanding of existence.

It is important to note that the effects of DMT can vary significantly from person to person, and not everyone may experience these reported benefits. Moreover, DMT is a potent substance that can induce intense experiences, and it should always be approached with caution and respect. Additionally, the use of DMT for therapeutic purposes should only be conducted under the guidance of trained professionals in a controlled and legal setting.

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  1. Mitcheal K.

    I knew nothing about DMT when I called Exotic Psyche pharmaceuticals. DMT is now my thing of choice, and I am educated as to all aspects of it. I now feel comfortable that I am doing the best on tripping, and have stopped taking most of my visual trip.
    Mitcheal K.

  2. Colten Cunningham

    so accurate, literally what I was seeing on the walls of the bathroom after taking some powdered dmt. the patterns almost resemble faces

  3. faith

    I have always been afraid of tripping with DMT. About furthest I have done to drugs is marijuana. With that been said I have always been curious about other psychodelic drugs. And when I came across this DMT it placed me on a concious state similar to acid and shrooms. Overall thanks for coming through your product changed my life.

  4. Sebastain

    Thanks for awakening my travels,great job and thanks for coming quick

  5. Orsolya Balog

    I just dab it on a small rig, works wonders and easy to do by yourself. Ive also done it in a bowl with weed (not bad but not efficient) and out of aluminum foil lol which also worked really well

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